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Goldline Codes are special telephone numbers defined “value added” (e.g., 892, 899, 166) designed for professional services sale. In other words it means making money receiving phone calls.

Would you like to offer your services by means of on line advice, pre-registered messages, password issues for internet reserved areas…? Here is for you a prompt and simple method (you only need a telephone) to collect for sure the payment for your services.

Profits are always assured: a telephone rate higher than the usual one is charged to the user and a percentage of this rate is paid back to the supplier of the service. Practically you begin to make money at the same time you supply the service.


When the user pays 2 € + VAT/min. with a 899 number, we give you back 1,30 € + VAT/min. You will decide what kind of rate the user would pay and what your profits will be. This is possible because value added telephone numbers are divided into classes, each of them has a definite cost per minute for the user.

You don't need credit cards, drafts or money transfer. You don’t have to worry about the collection: the telephone administrator of the user will take care of the balance. You have already gained. Goldline codes are an ideal and safe tool to manage the payment of live and registered services.

Some Examples:

  • Cartomancy, horoscope services etc.
  • Erotic line
  • Helpdesk (hardware/software assistance, booking, etc.)
  • Advice and Lottery forecast and other games
  • Vocal boxes to insert economic advertisement, etc.
  • Cell phones services (ringtones, Java games, etc.)
  • Password security for web sites (remote authentication)

Goldline numbering are divided into 2 categories: