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  • 1. Quick Activation

    To supply services with value added numbering you have 2 choices:
    Make a contract with Telecom Italia and become services supplier. You must sign an annual contract for a package of minimum 15 lines (440€ a month) as well as buying an IVR Server and a switchboard that will be necessarily interfaced with the stream. The minimum investment is approximately 26000-31000€, plus the fees for every code you will take (annual cost per code: about 124 €), plus the contract of assistance with the company you buy the IVR server from (about 1700€ a year). Prohibitive costs for a small operator.
    Hiring Goldline (also only one number) with small activation charges and a little monthly fee. Minimum initial investment, no risks.
  • 2. Free activation and management of codes

    At the achievement of the expected traffic thresholds the deposit for the activation will be entirely repaid and the monthly fee will not be charged allowing you to have only earnings and no costs.
  • 3. Call transfer and free IVR

    The transfer of the calls received from your Goldline number, from our exchange to your fixed telephone number, is free, as it is the use and programming of the IVR Server for your registered services. So you can have at your disposal all the tools you need for your business and you won’t have to deduct costs from your gains.
  • 4. Accessibility to the service

    You class="emph"don't need a credit card, a software installation, a form to fill in. It only takes a home or mobile phone to reach and use the service you will put at disposal.
  • 5. A large number of potential users

    Nobody is left out from the possibility to use your services: everyone has a telephone. An immediate and familiar tool that doesn’t awaken suspicions as other types of payment (dialers, on line transactions, personal information, etc.).
  • 6. Immediate and safe profits

    With Goldline you earn at the same time you supply the service. You will earn a part of the cost beard by the user to call you and that will be charged to him on the bill.
  • 7. Monitoring service of profits 24 hours a day

    You can verify at any time your telephone numbers trend through a simple web interface.
  • 8. Independence in the management of contents

    For registered services you have the possibility to independently and comfortably update your contents from remote and through local numbering.