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Dou you need help for your services? You can use our professional Call Center* that can manage your services in a qualified way, according to the conditions you desire ( total, subtotal, time bands, etc.)

You only pay the effective use!

No fee to pay, no fixed cost to bear: you only pay 0,38€ per minute that will be managed by our telephonists. Think of that, you could increase your turnover.


We suppose that you are able to manage independently no more than 2 simultaneous calls but you also know that it usually happens to receive a higher number of calls…why limiting the capacity to offer the service (and make money)?

Otherwise, would you like the service to be active also during the hours or the days when you can’t or you don’t want directly manage the calls ( evening hours, weekend..)?

No problem, our Call Center will think of it! You have a quick and useful tool depending on your needs: entrust us the exceeded calls or the calls during hours and/or days you desire.
* active 7 days a week from 8:00 to 01:00 o’clock. Live services offered are: horoscopes, cartomancy, lottery forecast, erotic line.