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When operating in a sector such as Value Added Numbering, whose services often require avant-garde and technologically advanced personnel and structures, it is advisable to choose one’s 166/899/892 numbers supplier not only on the basis of the amounts of earnings that are acknowledged but also on the grade of reliability and efficiency is able to guarantee.

In this case Goldline Srl can offer first level solutions and structures with characteristics as:

  • Efficiency

    The system is able to manage a big volume of traffic, with high peaks either telephone ones (1.740 operative lines) or internet ones (Connection overflow to the IP net, to multioperators, with an overall band of 16 Mbit/s).
  • Quality

    The user is welcomed and guided professionally to the various services, without waiting.
  • Flexibility

    Incidental changes to services can be done at any time.
  • Modular Structure

    Service can be enriched in every moment of new functions without structural bonds.
  • Inexpensiveness

    Customers doesn’t have to invest in technology, as services can be run through an easy access to the internet.
  • Safety

    Services are available 24 hours a day. Overflowed systems, database mirroring and automatic backups allow to track down every event. SMS communication systems with maintenance technicians on leased lines outside the service centre.
  • Continuity

    Service is also available in case of black out thanks to UPS systems, a generator of 100 Kwh and maintenance interventions directly in the service centre or from remote terminal.
  • Statistics

    The calculation is done by minutes and fractions on the basis of telephonic traffic statistics sensed by the PABX and visible from the customer in real time and historicized on the internet.